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Vivianna Mejia

My name is Vivianna Mejia, many know me by Viv here at The Basement Salon. I have a long background in retail management with Nordstrom, specifically in women’s shoes. After 7 years of Nordy’s, I made the transition into the fitness and hospitality world with SoulCycle as a studio manager. I learned the ins and outs of the hospitality and boutique fitness world and what it truly meant to provide an experience to clients.

Three years later, I made the jump into event coordination with glassybaby. I learned event management and coordination with both large corporations and small private groups, overseeing 6 stores and their managers, as well as just the overall beauty and art that glassybaby is at the core.

I then found myself at a crossroads and wanting a change. I wanted something more fulfilling and a career I truly had a passion for. I have had the privilege of knowing and getting my hair done by Brooke for 9 years, and in talking with her, I had an epiphany — hair! I am now the receptionist here at The Basement Salon, taking care of clients with my hospitality background, and in any down moments, learning all about hair. I will be attending beauty school here in the next year and look forward to a career and future in the hair industry filled with lots of art, excitement, and passion!

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